Saturday, October 22, 2005


My New Cigar Blog!

Well it is day one of my new cigar blog! I'm hoping to really make this something that all cigar lovers can share, learn from, and contribute to. I've been smoking cigars for many years now and have incorporated them in many aspects of my life.

Finding above average cigar sites are few and far between. Learning about new cigars or reading unbiased cigar reviews are few and far between. Hopefully, that is all about to change!

Review # 1 = Cohiba Cigars. There are many legal Cohiba Cigars that are great and worth while. A recent Cohiba cigar that I experienced is the Robusto. While it is a bit expensive, I thought, "hey you only live once, right!?" The Robusto was exceptional, so smooth. Actually, it is one of the smoothest cigars I have had in a while. The draw was perfect and I'm not sure if you could have a bad experience with this one. This was a great choice for me, whereas the weather was great and I got to split some with some friends outside. I hope they appreciate my kind gesture!